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November 30, 2017

In its second year, Grandview Public School in Sault Ste. Marie has been making its presence known in the local community and atop the OSBRC leaderboard

Grandview Public School had a fantastic run last year. The school finished fourth out of 125 schools, racking up 16,753 points on the year. It took two veteran teams and a great first-time effort by Muskoka Christian School to keep the northern Ontario school at bay. This year Grandview is off to another amazing start and they seem to have the wind at their backs. Watch out! 

Grandview isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, the school received a playground makeover in 2014 for winning a national contest called Rally for Playtime. Back then, the school had contacted the media in the final days of the contest to ask the community for help. To their delight, the community did help, and Grandview ended up winning the contest. 

Over the years, Grandview has stayed connected with the community through the media and it’s really paid off for the battery recycling program too. Karen Cormier, a parent organizer at the school said that the Principal and school council members maintain a good relationship with the media. The school has had stories about the battery recycling program posted online, in the newspaper and have had spots on local radio and television stations. The takeaway, it really doesn’t hurt to ask.

Ms. Cormier said that the school sends out a weekly newsletter and in it, they remind parents about the Challenge and they encourage families to bring in their used batteries. Students also made flyers that they delivered to homes surrounding the school and there’s a recycling bin and posters in the lobby for anyone that comes in to recycle their batteries. 

Behind the scenes, Mr. Gioia’s class volunteers by taping the terminals on any batteries that need tape and to keep everyone in the loop, Ms. Cormier updates the “bucket thermometer” in the lobby. Each time the school recycles a pail of batteries, Ms. Cormier adds to the thermometer to show how close the school is to filling a drum. She also updates a “Drum Poster” with cut-outs of drums each time a drum is filled. 

We asked Ms. Cormier why Grandview decided to join the OSBRC and she said that the school is always looking for new and exciting ways to raise money for school projects. The most important thing for the school is the environmental aspect of the Challenge and raising money for the SickKids Foundation

If Grandview wins a share of the prize money, the school plans to expand its outdoor classroom and put funds toward the school’s ice rink.

Grandview PS has recycled more than 150,000 batteries since they joined the OSBRC last year. The students are very proud of their fourth-place finish and even though they didn’t win, the school was able to recycle a lot of batteries and raise money for the SickKids Foundation. The big goal for this year is to top last year’s effort. 

We’re proud of them too! 

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